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June 8, 2018

Ultherapy / Skin Tightening

Venus Freeze / Skin Tightening
LUX Dermatology is proud to offer Ultherapy, the only FDA approved, non-invasive face and neck lift. Christie Brinkley and one million other patients have been treated with Ultherapy. The Ultherapy requires no cutting, no needles and no downtime! Ultherapy uses micro-focused ultrasound to target the areas of older and more slack collagen that causes skin laxity. This therapy stimulates production of new collagen causing lifting and tightening. Ultherapy is generally performed as a single treatment with results lasting up to two years.

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  1. Does your visalia,.ca office ultherapy?i just had it.done 10/2/18 and would like to find a for maintainance .

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