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While cysts are generally medically harmless, you could be bothered by their appearance or one that rubs uncomfortably against clothing or gets in the way of your regular activities. At LUX Dermatology, our expert dermatology team evaluates your cyst and determines if removing it is the right medical treatment. Call the office nearest you in Sparks or Henderson, Nevada, or in Stockton, Bakersfield, Manteca, Santa Barbara, Porterville, Hanford, and Visalia, California, today to schedule cyst removal. You can also book your appointment online.

Cyst Removal Q & A

  • What are the types of cysts?

    The most common types of cysts include:

    Epidermal cysts
    These sacs are among the most common benign skin tumors that appear on the face, ears, back, neck, and scalp. The inside of the cyst is usually broken-down keratin, a component of skin that appears whitish and cheese-like.

    Sebaceous cysts
    These common cysts form when fluid is trapped near a damaged hair follicle or blocked duct. They look like a dome-shaped bump that’s easy to move around with your finger.

    Trichilemmal cysts
    These cysts usually appear on the scalp and develop in groups. They have a thick wall and do have a tendency to return if not entirely removed.

    Milia usually develop on the face, around the eyes. These firm, whitish spots can be cosmetically distressing but often get better on their own.

  • When should I schedule cyst removal?

    Cysts can form in the skin just about anywhere on or in the body. These sacs are filled with fluid, air, or other compounds and caused by:
    ● Infection.● Swollen hair follicles.● Blockages in ducts.
    Although cysts are usually harmless and often get better on their own, you might want to have a bothersome one removed.
    A cyst on your scalp can cause irritation when you style your hair, for example. Cysts on your face or hands can make you feel self-conscious, so you want them removed. A sebaceous cyst can cause a foul odor if its contents leak out through small holes in the skin.
    Some cysts contain malignant tissue or infection and must be removed immediately. If you have a cyst, it’s a good idea to have it examined at LUX Dermatology, even if it’s not causing you any worries.

  • How is cyst removal done?

    The method used to remove your cyst will depend on what kind it is and where it’s at.

    Your dermatologist may recommend that the cyst be drained. To do that, the doctor numbs the area to be treated and makes a small incision to remove the material from inside the cyst. Your doctor then packs the wound with gauze. The cyst heals within a week or two.

    Some cysts respond well to fine-needle aspiration. During this procedure, the doctor inserts a tiny needle into the cyst and extracts its contents.

    Your dermatologist offers other treatments to prevent or reduce the development of cysts, especially ones associated with acne.

To schedule a cyst removal, call LUX Dermatology today or book an appointment online.