Pediatric Dermatology in Santa Barbara, CA, Bakersfield, CA, Hanford, CA, Visalia, CA, Porterville, CA, Stockton, CA, Manteca, CA, Henderson, NV, & Sparks, NV

Children who suffer from skin conditions or disorders deserve specialized care. Our dermatology team at LUX Dermatology offers compassionate evaluation and treatment of many skin issues that affect pediatric patients, including eczema and birthmarks. Call the office nearest you in Sparks or Henderson, Nevada, or in Stockton, Manteca, Bakersfield, Santa Barbara, Porterville, Hanford, or Visalia, California, to set up a pediatric dermatology appointment. You can also use the online tool to schedule.

Pediatric Dermatology Q & A

  • What is pediatric dermatology?

    Pediatric dermatology focuses on providing skin care and skin treatment to young people, from newborns to teenagers. The dermatological team is specially trained, making them highly qualified to treat skin conditions that often affect children.

  • Why should I seek a practice that offers pediatric dermatology?

    Children’s dermatologic concerns can be unique and require specialized care. Children aren’t always able to explain their symptoms or condition, so you need a specialist skilled in communicating with kids and understanding their issues. LUX Dermatology also has equipment that’s sized just right for smaller bodies.

    Plus, your child benefits from seeing a dermatologist who knows how to offer compassion and comfort during treatment so that the experience is as pleasant as possible.

    Some skin conditions, like psoriasis, also show up differently in children than they do in adults. A pediatric dermatologist understands this, so your child gets an accurate diagnosis and the proper care.

    The staff also recognizes that doses of certain medications haven’t been determined for children. They adjust prescriptions to ensure that your child gets just what they need to maintain good skin health.

  • Why would my child need a pediatric dermatology appointment?

    You would visit a pediatric dermatologist for several skin conditions that can affect your child, including:

    ● Eczema.

    ● Psoriasis.

    ● Skin infections.

    ● Moles.

    ● Hives.

    ● Warts.

    ● Birthmarks.

    ● Angiomas.

    ● Vitiligo.

    ● Inherited skin disorders.

    ● Acne.

    Our pediatric dermatology team at LUX Dermatology can also address rarer conditions like collagen vascular disorders and skin cancer.

  • What treatments are used in pediatric dermatology?

    Your child’s treatment will depend on their condition. Our providers at LUX Dermatology do a thorough evaluation of each patient to get an accurate diagnosis. Treatments can include topical or oral prescriptions.

    Our dermatology team can also recommend lifestyle changes that can help your child manage skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

    In-office minor surgery is available to treat skin lesions, cysts, and warts. If your child has a vascular problem, like a birthmark or angioma, laser treatment is used to help them fade.

If your child has a skin condition, an unusual rash, or other skin health problem, contact LUX Dermatology today for an appointment. Call the office nearest you or use this website to schedule.